This is my portfolio and consists of sites I have built and other associated projects that I have undertaken.

YUI Compressor Automator

YUI Compressor Automator

YUI Compressor Automator is an application I wrote in my spare time using VB.NET for the Windows platform in 2009. It adds a drag and drop based GUI to Yahoo’s excellent CSS and JS minifying command-line tool.

It makes the whole process of minifying files much easier and allows you to compress whole batches of files at once instead of having to maunally minify each file using the command-line.



jPoll 1.0

jPoll is a jQuery plugin I wrote which allows you to easily host visitor polls on your web site. You can set a question to ask visitors and when they select an answer the choice is sent to a server-side app for processing. Once this has been done the results of the poll so far are displayed as a bar graph and animated smoothly to the values.

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