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Book review: Learning jQuery

November 26, 2011

In this review I look at the brand new third edition of Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg’s excellent book that gives a complete introduction to the popular JavaScript library jQuery. One great thing about this edition is the foreword, written by none other than the creator of jQuery itself John Resig, which talks about the [...]

Book review: JavaScript Enlightenment by Cody Lindley

September 14, 2011

JavaScript Enlightenment, by Cody Lindley, is the follow-up to the excellent jQuery Enlightenment. Its aim is to give you a deeper understanding of how objects work in JavaScript, to the point where you can understand how your favourite library works, or even write your own library, turning library users into library developers.
The book makes quite [...]

Yahoo! User Interface Library 2.x Cookbook By Matt Snider review

March 13, 2011

I recently got my hands on a copy of the new YUI cookbook from Packt Publishing and I was very impressed with both its content and the style of the book. Its the first ‘cookbook’ style book from Packt that I’ve read, and I really like the format.

Each chapter is split into a series of [...]

Review of jQuery 1.4 by Karl Swedberg and Jonathon Chaffer

March 16, 2010

I recently read through the newest revision of Karl and Jonathon’s amazing jQuery reference manual, which has just been updated for the latest release of the jQuery library itself. Even though it’s a reference manual used to refer to specific methods or properties of the library rather than a teaching book that takes the reader [...]

Review of jQuery 1.3 with PHP by Kae Verens

January 31, 2010

jQuery 1.3 with PHP by Kae Varens is a great book that shows you how to interface jQuery with PHP. It’s different from any other web development book I’ve read because it approaches things from the opposite perspective that I personally am used to – from the server to the client. It’s aimed at competent [...]

Review of jQuery Enlightenment by Cody Lindley

January 3, 2010

jQuery Enlightenment is an e-book in PDF format written by Cody Lindley, an official jQuery evangelist since 2008 and talented front-end developer with over 12 years experience in the field.
The book is aimed at several different types of developer; the first is someone that knows the basics of jQuery and is ready to take their [...]

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