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Book review: Learning jQuery

November 26, 2011

In this review I look at the brand new third edition of Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg’s excellent book that gives a complete introduction to the popular JavaScript library jQuery. One great thing about this edition is the foreword, written by none other than the creator of jQuery itself John Resig, which talks about the [...]

jQuery Plugin – hoverFade

June 4, 2010

** This plugin has been updated, see the new page instead **
I just wrote a new jQuery plugin that adds a fading-in effect when you hover over certain elements. I’m using it to add the fading rollover states on the top nav and on the social boxes in the footer.

hoverFade The original plugin, unminified, with [...]

Adobe-style checkboxes

May 28, 2010

I really like the how layers can be selected in Photoshop and Fireworks by holding the mouse button down and dragging the cursor over the check boxes. I always miss this feature on web forms with more than a few check boxes on them, so I thought it would be a great idea if it [...]

Review of jQuery 1.4 by Karl Swedberg and Jonathon Chaffer

March 16, 2010

I recently read through the newest revision of Karl and Jonathon’s amazing jQuery reference manual, which has just been updated for the latest release of the jQuery library itself. Even though it’s a reference manual used to refer to specific methods or properties of the library rather than a teaching book that takes the reader [...]

Better Password Fields with jQuery

February 8, 2010

The ‘whether or not to show plain text in password fields for usability’ situation has never really been resolved to my satisfaction; plain-text fields are clearly much more usable and less confusing than obscured passwords, but what if the person using the plain-text field is sat in a public place? Showing their password for just [...]

Review of jQuery 1.3 with PHP by Kae Verens

January 31, 2010

jQuery 1.3 with PHP by Kae Varens is a great book that shows you how to interface jQuery with PHP. It’s different from any other web development book I’ve read because it approaches things from the opposite perspective that I personally am used to – from the server to the client. It’s aimed at competent [...]

jQuery Plugin – jMailer

December 13, 2009

jMailer is a plugin for jQuery I wrote that provides the visitor with a popup email form. It should be attached to a link element and when that link is clicked, the popup appears centered in the viewport.
Within the popup is a form which let’s the visitor enter an email address they want to send [...]

jQuery Plugin – jPoll

July 20, 2024

Download the plugin here: jPoll 1.0, but please be advised this is now a considerably old plugin.

jPoll, with an accompanying nettuts+ screencast, provides a ‘poll’ widget which can be used to ask your visitors a brief question. The widget will create and render a form inside a designated container and then monitor the form for [...]

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