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December 13, 2009

jMailer is a plugin for jQuery I wrote that provides the visitor with a popup email form. It should be attached to a link element and when that link is clicked, the popup appears centered in the viewport.

Within the popup is a form which let’s the visitor enter an email address they want to send the email to, their email adress so that the recipient can reply directly to them, a subject box and a message box.

jMailer Example

The ‘Contact Me’ tab at the top of this site has the plugin attached; click it to see the popup form and send me a message :D
The To field has been mapped to my own mail address in the back-end so messages will only come to me.

You should also note that the plugin constitues just the front-end. A back-end of your choice (PHP, .NET, etc) can be attached to do the physical sending of mail.

jMailer Features

The current release (1.1) of jMailer has the following features:

  • Automatic modality
  • Automatic iFrame shim when IE6 is used
  • Configurable opening and closing animations
  • AJAX sending of form data to the back-end and confirmation message
  • Basic error checking for non-completed fields

jMailer Usage

Using the plugin is simple: Download the source file and ensure you have a copy of the jQuery library to hand (min version 1.2.6).

Then just attach the plugin to the link using standard jQuery syntax:


jMailer Configuration

A configuration object can be supplied in the constructor to configure various options:

var config = {
  modal: true || false //defaults to true
  id: "a string" //defaults to "mailer"
  shim: true || false //defaults to false unless IE6 in use
  forceShim: true || false //defaults to false
  defaultClass: "a string" //defaults to "mailer-container"
  additionalClass: "a string" // defaults to null
  suppressTo: true || false //defaults to false
  animation: hide || slideUp || fade //defaults to hide


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    Hi, creating a new theme is relatively easy, look at how the default theme is created and modify it to suit your own needs. see this tutorial for tips: http://www.cypherhackz.net/archives/2006/12/13/make-your-own-wordpress-theme-part-1/

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  14. Doug says:

    Nice article. Im a newbie and have the frontend working but is it possible to use classic ASP as back end. Line 168 has ” $.post(url, formData, processResponse)” if I send it to an asp page how do I (or can I) pass back the response? Thnks

  15. Dan Wellman says:

    Hi, it *should* be possible

    Unfortunately, I know less about classic asp than I do about .net, and I don’t know a whole lot about .net ;)

    But as long there is something in classix asp roughly equivalent to PHP’s echo statement, it should be possible. Please let me know how this turns out for you as I am considering rewriting the plugin and this could help make it much more platform independant if it can handle classic asp ok :)

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  18. Druckertypen says:

    Can you make it more clearer? I’m really having difficulty incorporating Jquery to Mail configuration or i only have to use jmailer?

  19. Dan Wellman says:

    Honestly? I’d use a different plugin now. This plugin was written 3+ years ago and is badly in need of updating. That said, it should still work if you get it set up right.

    What are you having difficulties with specifically? Have you got the front-end working but it’s not posting to the server? Any errors in the console? Do you have a working page you can link to?

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